Monthly Round Up: August

Another month down, another summer nearly over and what a poor one we have had here in the UK. The weather has totally sucked hasn't it? This month has been yet again another mixed bag. On a personal level I have had a blast, there has been weddings, day trips out, family dinners and lots of planning for Dubai next month. Unfortunately I cannot say the same for the rest of the world, we have seen yet more tragedy with yet more terrorist attacks in Barcelona and Finland. Two places I adore and have been deeply saddened reading about. We can only hope that the next few months in the lead up to Christmas will get better for us...


So as mentioned above, August has been a pretty busy time for me. I have taken a bit of time off from work and studying this month and have decided to take a bit of time out for myself. I haven't had a proper week off since my last trip away in April, so this week just gone which I took off from work was very much needed! To be honest I didn't get up to anything all that exciting, I mainly used the time off to catch up on sleep, TV (which is a rare treat these days), clear out my summer wardrobe and general tidying round the house. Although I am back to work tomorrow, I will be going back with a more focused and refreshed attitude and ready to fight on with more studying and exams. 

A few weekend's ago I went to my third (and final hopefully) wedding of the year. We stayed over on Thursday at The Great Foster's Hotel in Egham, Surrey. For those not familiar The Great Foster Hotel is a beautiful stately home with separate accommodation, it is very royal and opulent in its appearance and has some of the most beautiful grounds I have ever seen. Here's a few photo's I got of the day. It was such a lovely weekend. 

The Ivy, Tower Bridge 

Last Sunday me and my other half enjoyed a gorgeous brunch at The infamous 'The Ivy'. The have not long opened a new branch at Tower Bridge, which is just a stone's throw from my office. (I have a feeling we will be coming here A LOT now). It was beautiful inside and does the most AMAZING Pancakes I have ever eaten. We are planning to go back for dinner one evening next month so I am thinking of doing a full review of the brand and in particular the restaurant at Tower Bridge. In the meantime if you want to have a nose and book a table go to their amazing website here

When I'm not busy stuffing my face on my week off at The Ivy, I have been busy sorting out my clothes for my holiday to Dubai next month, and planning all our itineraries for the week. I am currently getting a little post together to throw some ideas on to, cant wait to show you it soon. The countdown is officially on we have just over 2 weeks until we fly out, and honestly it has felt like a lifetime since we booked the trip earlier on in the year. If anyone has any suggestions of places to visit, eat & drink in the meantime I would love to hear about them! Drop me a comment or email. 


This is the first time I have featured anything like this on my blog, but I seem to be finding myself buying lots of things lately, pretty things which I think deserve a mention on this space. So my purchase of the month is this cute little slogan jumper from New Look (Purchased from ASOS). I originally saw it on Hannah Gale's (one of my favourite blogger's) Instagram, and just new I had to have it! It arrived last week, and I have been waiting all week to get back to work so I can wear it. I am really lucky that my office has a casual dress policy, so I can pretty much wear whatever I want, be it cosy little jumpers, ripped jeans and trainers if i want. It really does make work clothes shopping just that little bit easier don't you think? 

Anyways enough about my office... you can snap up whats left of these pretty little jumpers here or here. 

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I stumbled upon this quote the other day and it really resonated with me. I am absolutely someone who prefers to live the more quite life on social media, and I really can never get my head around jealousy. I have been a victim of Jealousy a lot throughout my life, and have even been caught up with it at work between a colleague, and can tell you it really is not fun! I have never felt those sort of emotions towards anyone I know personally so I suppose I can never get my head around the hate that comes with jealousy. I am such a strong believer that the only person you should be in competition with is yourself, so this quote really rings true with me. What about you? 

Photo Credit: Instagram

So that's me done for August, I have scheduled this post to come out a bit earlier that usual because I have quite a lot on this bank holiday weekend, so wont have the time to write this. Hope you all have a fantastic Bank Holiday whatever your plans are, and remember to relax! Catch up with you again next month.  


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