Monthly Round Up:September

SEPTEMBER! Wow just wow, you have been the absolute best start to Autumn. This month has been a whirlwind, and in some ways life changing! It has really turned my year around.  Not only have I managed to go on a trip of a life time (I am still here in Dubai by the way, I fly back tomorrow), I have also managed to secure my dream job in TV, which I just cannot WAIT to tell you all about.  I guess hard work really does pay off after all. Whoever said you can't have it all? I guess they are so wrong!! Read on below to find all about my busy September and my holiday of a life time. 



So currently at this very moment in time I am sitting on my private beach round the back of my 5 star hotel on the Palm sipping a cool cocktail, listening to some holiday tunes and typing away in 40 degree's heat. I'll admit I feel like my laptop is going to melt, any moment now BUT I couldn't be happier. 

We arrived in Dubai last Saturday and from the moment we stepped off that plane into that heat overlooking all the insane sky scrappers, I knew I was going have the best holiday of my life. If you haven't been to Dubai before, YOU need to get here, honestly this place is just out of this world (those who have been know what I mean) it really is a place you just need to see for yourself. I am planning on writing up a more detailed post when I get back but for now I will leave you with a few sneaky photos of our trip so far. I will see you all when I get back, enjoy my photos.


So in other news, I found out last Friday (the day we left for Dubai) that I got the job I had interviewed for the day before. I had to have two interview's one last Thursday which was the final round stage and the first one which took place the Thursday before that and out of 7 candidates in total I got the job. I was over the moon, especially as the interview process was long and quite challenging, we had to have a series of Skills and competency tests as well as the generic face to face interviews. My new role in the Finance team working for Endemol, the well known Television production company & I start in 3 weeks time. I am over the moon and so excited to join the team, it has made my holiday even more fantastic & there has been lots of celebrating.  

I am really lucky enough to be working in Primrose Hill, which is just a stones throw away from bustling, vibrant Camden one of my all time favourite places in London! So I am sure I am going to see lots of amazing things working in this part of the city. It's luckily only a 15 minute tube journey on the Northern Line from London Waterloo Station (my home station), so I can get there easy peasy and as I don't start work until half past 9, I can have a morning gander round the Market before work! Couldn't be more perfect really. 

Photo Credit: Business Insider 


So although stressful and expensive, I thought this also deserved a mention. Myself and my partner are currently looking to move out of his little 1 bed house and into well something pretty huge. We have the house up for sale, our offer has been put in but unfortunately no one wants to buy it from us. The property has been up on the market for 2 months & we have had in that time, 2 viewings, 1 drop out & A LOT of price decreases and still NOTHING! Luckily for us the house we want to buy hasn't had any offers so we are still in the running, but it is so frustrating to know someone could come along and snap up our dream house any minute!! We have a viewing scheduled the day we get back, so fingers crossed this is the ONE and then next month I can update you with our moving out plans (here's hoping)

(Not our actual house...I wish)
Photo Credit: Spicers Retreats 

So what big events did you have planned for this month? Feel free to share below with me in the comments.... and if any of you are interested in a small one bed with good links into Central London feel free to ask for more info on that too!! 


So I have been having a little think, and this is something which has been on my mind A LOT lately, and I am thinking that I would like to totally re-brand my blog space. I am even thinking of coming away from 'Blogger', the platform I currently use and have done since 2012 when this blog started, and going over to Wordpress. I use Wordpress for my professional Bookkeeping & Accounts services website now and there is just something so easy about putting everything together on there than here on blogger. Don't get me wrong I have loved working on Blogger, but I feel my blog needs an overhaul content, image & brand wise. I eventually would like to one day even change the name of this blog to something more suited to my current life. What are all your thoughts? stay on blogger as GTG or start from scratch over at Wordpress? 


So next month is another BIG month on the calendar, not only am I too start my new job (currently working out my 4 week notice at my old place), but the week I am due to start it will also be my 27th Birthday!! Now obviously as you know by now, every year since me and my partner got together (coming up three years this December), we go away out of the UK for our Birthdays. Unfortunately this year we will be unable to go on my actual day of Birth as I won't be able to get the time off from my new job. BUT every cloud has a silver lining, in that my old work have kindly granted me a few days off the week before so me and my boyfriend can go and visit Florence & (hopefully) Venice. Nothing is really set in stone yet, and we still are finalising accommodation & flights, but the possibility of going away still is there and that is very exciting. Hopefully when I am writing this post next month I will be able to say I got to go to Florence/Venice and tell you all about it!! 

Photo Credit: Culture Trip 

So there we have it, a very busy but exciting September. I cannot remember the last time I have generally felt excited about starting something new and I really hope it works out for me next month! I cannot wait to update you all with my new start in London, and tell you about my travels in Dubai & up & coming plans for Italy. 

 Here's to September.. you have been fabulous. 


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