Hi guys!  As I am going through a quiet period personally on GTG at the moment, so thought I would bring back the Guest Post opportunity on my page again. 

So in between now and the end of this year, if you have something you want to contribute PLEASE get in touch with me, with your ideas. (This also applies to people who have already guest posted on this blog before- I always love having old visitors back!) 

The post can be about ANYTHING travel related- Personal stories, Travel guides, Recommendations- ANYTHING, the more varied the better. I would love to see some Christmas themed inspo on this page as well, so if you have any cool places you want to share which would be great to visit during this holiday period- let me know about it and I will get it on my page!

I don't have any rules- just as long as it is not too long (please don't give me lots of photos or links- I want INTERESTING content too) and TRAVEL RELATED. 
All pitches will be considered by myself personally. 

So get your idea's down and give me a shout! 


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