Monthly Round Up: October

HUGE apologies that I haven't posted since September!! I have been the busiest bee on the planet these last few weeks, and although I hate making excuses for being/doing things late, my life has been a complete whirlwind as of late. 

Anyway- excuses out of the way & better late than never I say, here we have my 10th Installment this year of my monthly round up post! It feels exciting to be able to say I have managed to keep this little blog going for another 10 months, and I know I haven't no way near blogged as much as I wanted to, but life had other ideas for me. 


October 2017 has been one of the most memorable years of my life for a few reasons. 1. It is my favourite month anyway because it is my birthday month-although my boyfriend and I, didn't get to go away this year (like we usually do every year for the three-ish years we have been together) he certainly made it up to me in a HUGE way. He treated me to dinner in my favourite London restaurant- Gaucho's at London Bridge, we had a gorgeous view of the Tower Bridge & just when I thought the surprises wouldn't end he then told me we wouldn't be spending the night at home, but in fact in the most gorgeous suite in the Shangri-La Hotel up in another favourite Iconic London building of mine, The Shard.  So even though I had to stay in London this year, it was still very memorable & equally as enjoyable. 

2. You may remember in last months post that I said I was starting a new job this month, I started it on the week of my birthday, which was exciting but also very overwhelming. It certainly threw up some annoyances when I was trying to celebrate this year (as unfortunately my birthday fell on a Thursday), but instead of throwing a toddler-like strop about it, I got over myself & told myself 'I can't have it all' and we waited until the weekend to celebrate. My office and new colleague made me feel very special on my birthday and brought round a signed card, cake and my boss brought me my favourite flowers. We then celebrated on Friday with a birthday lunch and a few drinks in Camden. So all in all my first week at work combined with my Birthday was surprisingly lovely!

Except for my birthday and starting my new job, I haven't really been up to all that much! (I really haven't had the time to do anything but sleep!) I have decided to put my studying on hold for a month or two, just while I try and get my head around everything I need to do in my new role. I feel nearly ready again to pick up the books & I plan to ease myself back into my studying as I don't want to stress myself out so early on. Weekends are going to be my saving grace I think .


Countdown to Christmas in Dubai- 

So this month (November) has been fairly quiet so far, as I know we are going to be having a full on December. Not just at work with all the Christmas celebrations, but also if I haven't already mentioned previously me and my boyfriend are going back to Dubai for Christmas. We fly out with Emirates again on the 21st of December and land back on the 28th giving us a week of pure luxury, relaxation and enjoying a different culture's festivities, which I am really excited & intrigued about. I have never actually spent a Christmas abroad in my entire 27 years of living, I have always spent it at home with my parents- so not only is this a completely new tradition for me and I know I will feel a bit home sick on the day, I also know it will be a once in a lifetime holiday and Dubai is our happy place as we will feel excited! Lets hope it is still nice and warm for when we arrive. 


So there we have just a little short snippet (from what I can remember of last month). I am already planning my November & December's round up posts- I am thinking of making my December post a big yearly round up with a nice overview of the year we have just left behind! I hope you all had a great October and an even better 2 months left of the 2017. The countdown to Christmas is definitely now on.....


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