A Year in Review: 2017

WE DID IT!! We got there, all the way to the end of 2017, and what a cracking year it has been! I think this has been my favourite year so far. I have achieved lots this year study wise, and career wise, which I tried so hard to put first. At the start of last year I set myself a goal for the end of the 2017, 1. Was to finish my Accountancy course, and I can confirm I now have with a distinction and more importantly letters after my name. and 2. Was to get a job (doing something I enjoyed) in Finance. Well three months ago I achieved that! So to say I have worked hard this year on bettering myself would be a massive understatement! 

With all that going on,I also managed to visit my favourite place in the whole wide world twice, and got to go on a few city breaks in between- I haven't travelled not near enough as much as I would like this year, but I know lots of travel is already on the cards for next year so there's that! 

To celebrate all the greatness that has come with writing this blog for another amazing year, I would like to publish my favourite posts from 2017 below.. Please comment with your favourites below......

What have you achieved this year? what has been your personal highlights? I would love to hear all about them! 


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What will the future hold... 

So every year I do a little forward thinking for the year ahead, this is my reflection time and the moment I make my new years resolutions (not that I stick to them for long), so to carry on with this tradition I want to talk a little bit about my plans for next year. 

Career & Study... 

At the end of this year I finished my last set of AAT exams, which has enabled me to gain my distinction in Accountancy and finally some well deserved letters after my name. (FMAAT which stands for Fellow Member of AAT). I have just enrolled to do a Chartered Accountancy course ACCA at the London Business & Finance School, which luckily my wonderful work have offered to fund for me, so for the next three-five years I will once again be working round the clock to get my chartered Accountant status, and honestly although I know it will be tough, I am so keen to learn more about my profession and get stuck in! 

Personal life... 

Next year is going to be a massive year personally for me and my partner, we will finally be looking to buy a house together. At the moment we are living together, in a one bedroom house which my partner purchased before I met him, so next year will be our first time living in our OWN house which both of us will be paying for. It is going to be a massive step for the both of us but I think we are both ready to make the next move. I cannot wait to get searching for our dream home. 


I have decided that next year will mark the year of yet more changes, so I am going to completely re-vamp the blog. I am thinking I might move from blogger and onto Wordpress to make this into more of a website & I am 100% going to be changing the name. I feel it is time to give a bit more love and care to this page so get ready to see some BIG changes next year over here!! 

So there we have it! A short blog post rounding off 2017. This year has been massive, its been hard work but I finally feel at peace with my self, I can only hope next year will be just as great for me. 

GTG wants to thank everyone out there for your continued support this year, I know the blog hasn't been as exciting this year as previous years (and for that I can only apologise) but I promise that I will try harder next year to create exciting content and keep you updated with my life updates. Happy 2018 everyone and please remember to keep safe! Until next time..... 


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