A year in review: 2018

Firstly I want to wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR. I thought what with it being the first day to the start of 2019, what better way to reflect upon my personal, work, blog & most importantly travel goals for this new year. 

Not quite sure how we made here to yet another new year, but here we are. Overall to sum up my year I cant say its been the best (certainly not the worst) but not the best either. You will have noticed I didn't really blog at all last year, and that is something that deeply saddens me. I used to enjoy nothing more than finding a quiet hour or two a week and thinking up some inspiring little posts to write down. Even when no one is reading I never seemed to mind, the ideas and creativity of my thinking was enough enjoyment for me alone. This is something I am so so keen to re introduce in 2019. 

It is no secret I am an extremely busy person, and my busy lifestyle has increased ten fold last year. I moved house twice (In central London, and then back out again) studied and sat 2 ACCA Chartered exams in one sitting (I passed both for those who were wondering), got a promotion at work and lost a few team members along the way, so I naturally took on more work. I also started freelancing on the side as a Financial Accountant. So time to my self was very limited to a few hours each weekend where I would have to catch up on boring chores and running my house. 

This is probably my biggest regret of last year- not giving myself enough time to relax, do the things I used to enjoy like writing and creating things, and this something I am already making a conscious effort to do something about next year. I already have lined up a few new posts and whenever I get a spare minute I am not going to watch TV or potter about the house, I am going to log on and update my blog. It really does need some love I think you will all agree!!! 

So I suppose that is my main goal for 2019. I have a few personal things in the pipeline, myself and my lovely boyfriend will be celebrating our 5th year of being together and we are going to look for a bigger house this year (around June/July hopefully). Last year we went on holiday to Menorca as my partner has family out there, this year we will be going back in the summer and it has started off a lovely little tradition for us now. We are hoping to also get away for Christmas again this year. We visited Dubai for the holidays last year and it was so lovely, we are contemplating returning- but also looking at destinations a little closer to home as well for ease and we may have a tighter budget this year if our house plans go through. 

In terms of work and studying... I am fairly happy with how things are going now. My boss is going on maternity leave in March so my Finance team are not really sure how this next year will pan out, I am sure I will be taking on more work opportunities and I really hope I can. In terms of my exams I am just about to start a new module so I am ready for this. I mentioned above that I am taking on freelance work and this is mainly to earn a little bit of money on the side, but it is also for my course as well. Part of my ACCA course I have to complete some audit work so this is something I have been looking into. I am due to start the work this month. 

So there we have it a little round up review of my 2018. Not much has happened on the blog to report on, but I am going to update you all soon with some new content so keep checking back for that. 

I hope you all enjoyed bringing in the new year last night, and if like me you are returning back to work tomorrow I hope your first working day of 2019 is a positive one to remember. 


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