Life lately...

Back in January I updated you all with my first post since last year (crazy I know).. 
Well a lot has happened since which I am going to share with you all now.. you are probably all wondering why I have been so absent from GTG this year, me included in that! To tell you the truth my life really hasn’t calmed down like I had hoped it would,and I’m fitting lots in to my weeks which then become months and next thing you know it’s September and we are nearly at Christmas again!! 

So here is another little life update for you all, albeit a little late... 

Last time I updated this blog I was working in the Finance team for a TV production company, this is still true but as of last August I got a promoted to Management Accountant which has always been the dream (one I didn’t think I would get to so soon) . Very proud of myself as I have only been working in TV for a year and a half. 

Alongside my full time job as an Accountant I have also decided to take on work outside as a freelance, so far I am working for start up companies to gain work experience and this is also something I need to do for my ACCA course (more on this below). I have also just secured a voluntary position at a local RSPCA branch- here I will be helping out with their VAT returns, cash treasury/management and any other Financial services they may require. So far I am loving all the work I am taking on and it is really helping me pass those exams!! 

In order to have got my promotion I needed to be taking my Chartered Accountant exams. My course is called ACCA and I am half way through having passe 4 exams in the past 6 months. I have another exam in June so I busy once again studying. 

Last year around this time I may have mentioned that myself and my partner were living in Greenwich, London. Well we only lasted around 4 months there. We moved back to Kent (where my partner is originally from) to be closer to family and friends. We don't regret the decision one little bit. 

Some exciting news just in.... as of this week we officially have had an offer from a buyer on our house (which has been on the market for a few months now), not only will this benefit us some much financially (we are currently paying a mortgage and rent between us monthly) but it also now means we can start looking for a bigger house all together and stop renting!!! horray for that! 

As I am writing this little update I am actually on holiday (our first of 2019) we are in Menorca visiting family and having a little break at the same time. We have been a few times together now and always have a really special time. This place holds a lot of memories for my boyfriend whose father has lived on the island for over 5 years now. We are actually in the middle of gaining planning permission to start building our own villa on my boyfriends dads land (which will one day get passed down). So although we are here doing some sunbathing and swimming we are also having lots of meetings with Spanish solicitors. 

I am just writing up a post all about our trip now so I hope you will look out for that very soon, but for now I am going to head off out to do a bit of tanning and to make the most of this gorgeous hotel. 

Goodbye for now! Catch up soon :)


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